25 tonnes of earth and 3 bee hives... aboard L'Instant Cru

I built this floating garden 15 days after taking a permaculture training course at Ferme du Bec Hellouin.
Nature is generous to grow so abundantly in above-ground containers, as if it were cooperating to tell us how important it is to sow, plant and accompany it with kindness whose way it shows us… among apples, strawberries, cabbage, ladybirds and wild herbs!
On the roof of the awning, the hives house the bees that watch over the crops and the lombri-composts in the belly of the boat house industrious worms that guarantee the enrichment of the earth….
This floating garden is a world first and I had no idea when I built it!
If it is possible on a boat… it is possible on rooftops, balconies…
all the spaces where nature just wants to take back its rights… to defend ours!
Happily yours… and his!

Marie-Sophie L

L’instant Cru, a vegetable raw cuisine … ecological !

Philippe Colignon, the inspired gardener, has made a very beautiful report since the birth of the floating garden…

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