I propose you 2 programs and a complete training that are aimed at individuals wishing to discover my cuisine as well as professionals for whom my gastrawnomy is always a discovery. Consulting at home, at your own pace with real-time videos, as if I were at home to show you ALL from A to Z, is the best way to learn and progress quickly. Throughout each program, I support you by answering all your questions personally:

The Discovery Program, in French only but soon in English, to show you how my gourmet raw food is simple and quick to make, and how to make it part of your daily life. This Discovery Program is an excerpt from the “From Discovery to Mastery of My Gourmet Raw Food” Training. It allows you to test my vegetable cuisine and without cooking with recipes… wow! This program is deducted from the price of the Complete Training if you decide to subscribe.

The Beauty Program, available in French but very soon in English to help you fill up with minerals, vitamins, vegetable proteins, antioxidants… to radiate vitality and beauty… and keep you young! The recipes are new and are not part of the Discovery Program or the Complete Training.

A complete training,in French only but soon in English, to accompany you from the Discovery to the Mastery of my gourmet raw food, with the best recipes and a high quality audiovisual teaching material that brings together the excellence of my last years of research and gustatory wonder.

Les recettes offertes vous donneront un aperçu de mes programmes et formations… in French only, soon in English


Discovering my gourmet raw food…

This Discovery Program takes you to the heart of the practice of my raw cuisine to help you make it part of your daily life, invite more vegetables, fruit, raw, pure, raw products in your diet and prepare original meals to surprise your guests and delight your taste buds. I will accompany you step by step to show you how easy and quick my cooking is, and how healthy and vital it is !


Gourmet Raw Food to boost your beauty

This Beauty Program meets your growing demand for recipes and techniques to create a healthy and detoxifying cuisine. It is an excellent program to discover my cuisine, to fill up with minerals, vitamins, vegetable proteins, antioxidants… in order to radiate vitality and beauty… and keep you young. It is possible.


From discovery to mastering the french gourmet raw cuisine

I designed this online training all in videos to help you master my raw cuisine at your own pace in a fun, reliable, precise… fast and simple way! To guide you step by step, I filmed the process of recipes and techniques. My recipes are at the forefront of Rawfood creativity. They are wow, yet easy to make and involve few ingredients. They are developed according to the rules of an art that I master and teach with the greatest traditional chiefs. They are balanced in terms of health thanks to my expertise as a naturopath, and provide you with the pleasure essential to life by nourishing day after day… your desire to crunch life raw 


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