My signature dishes...

Naturopath for 30 years and raw chef since 2012 after studying vegan and raw culinary art in California, I am a naturawchef.

Because I have the pleasure of cooking and frequenting starred tables since the beginning, I have set the “raw food” in equation in a terribly gourmet way by creating new textures and flavours… in order to restore your vitality and your pleasure to eat healthy.

Because voluptuousness is a melting point between matter and spirit, I deploy L’instant Cru to share the emotions of my vegetable cuisine and without cooking, and form brigades within prestigious brands… joyfully!

Marie-Sophie L

La terrine de Bonne Foi

100% vegetable, without liver or animal fat, my Bonne Foi has convinced the most demanding foie gras lovers!

Le gâteau Opéraw


An ultra classic dessert in accordance with the rules of its art, and ultra innovative in its free raw interpretation!

Le Cheesecake au Framboises

The milky sweetness of cashew nuts, the cheesy texture of macadamia nuts, the tangy sweetness of raspberries in the heart of the cake… sensations worthy of the most refined cheesecakes.

Les Lasagnes à la Sauce Napolitaine


These zucchini lasagna are facetious in the explosion of their fragrances that rival each other in intensity and freshness. They compete with their wheat-based cousins with insolence !

Le Croustillant aux Pommes Carawmélisées

Futuristic or ancestral in its design without flour or cooking, it provides new sensations… and their crispness is divine!

Le Rawsotto Crémeux de Panais aux Cèpes

The liquorice notes of the parsnip literally dance with the warm and powerful aroma of the ceps, to bounce back in the mouth with great ease and persistence.

Les Frawmages Végétaux



Made from fermented seeds and nuts, vegetable cheeses are to be discovered for a change of scenery for the taste buds and… a certain digestive comfort!

Les Croustillants de Sésame à la Ricotta de Macadamia

The crispness of the rolls, their honeyed sweetness playing with the fine acidity of the ricotta… a disconcerting feast due to the absence of cooking, dairy products and flour. And yet, the texture and flavours are there!

Les Crèmes non Brûlées



Without fresh cream, eggs or burnt sugar… but not without insolence, these fire-resistant creams defy the French culinary tradition…

Served à la carte L’instant Cru at the prestigious Parisian restaurant L’Alcazar…

Les Croustillants aux Algues et aux Jeunes Pousses



The marine smoothness of the algae bounces back with the acidity of the kumquats and the vivacity of the young shoots…

Le Rawsotto de Chou-fleur aux Asperges Vertes et à l’Huile de Truffe Blanche

The peppery aromas of raw cauliflower keep their spiciness intact to interact with the indecent white truffle… in complete privacy. The black pepper plays chaperone.

La Tarte au Citron et au Yuzu



A shortbread dough with sweet coconut nuances to welcome a tangy and sweet yuzu lemon cream… an incredible but… cruel pie!

Le Rawsotto Crémeux de Chou-rave au Curry


A crunchy and spicy curry whose flavours are carried away by a silky coconut butter…

Les Makis aux Jeunes Pousses



The bright sparkle of pepper and the peppery sweetness of mango can be found in the heart of a Ricotta de Macadamia. The spicy notes of the radish shoots enhance the freshness of the maki.

Les lasagnes d’Hiver



These zucchini lasagna products compete facetiously with their wheat cousins. They know they are beautiful and good… for pleasure and health!

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