My vegan & raw

cuisine ! 
Marie-Sophie L

An art of living… my job

I am naturawchef®: naturopath for thirty years and raw chef since 2012 after studying vegan and raw culinary art in California.

Raw food changed my life overnight. I created L’instant Cru to make it enchant yours!

Sharing with you the vitality… the voluptuousness of my gastrawnomy® and its deeply regenerating power is my joy!

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A rigorous science, a demanding art

Because sensuality is a point of fusion between matter and spirit,
I renew the culinary tradition through the prism of my raw food….terribly gourmet, exquisite for our health and that of our planet.

My books “L’instant Cru” and “L’alimentation Crue, naturellement healthy”, reference books on living food, are regularly reprinted by Éditions Albin Michel.

I created the Bonne Foi, a 100% vegetable and organic terrine, in homage to the vegetable world,
winner of the Trophée de L’agroalimentaire 2019 in the Culinary Art and Innovation category.

Discover la Bonne Foi


my online courses

Designed to help you discover and master my vegetable cuisine at your own pace in a fun, reliable, precise… fast and simple way!
With hundreds of videos, I have created an educational material of exceptional quality for you.

My recipes, at the forefront of Rawfood creativity, are developed according to the rules of an art that I master and teach with the greatest traditional chiefs.

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My homage to the plant world

An ecological raw food

I pay tribute to the vegetable world to celebrate its richness in the pleasure and joy of knowing it, to interpret its scores in my kitchen, to play its chords and make the world hear what I perceive of it: an inexhaustible song of love, beauty and generosity.

On the hatches of my boat “L’instant Cru”, 25 tons of land feed a permaculture greedy vegetable garden and 3 hives hum happily!

Discover the floating garden aboard L’instant Cru

« La raw food interprétée par Marie-Sophie L renouvelle la gastronomie française de façon incroyable mais… crue ! »

« The raw food interpreted by Marie-Sophie L renews French gastronomy in an incredible but… raw way ! »

« Marie-Sophie L vient de publier un livre étonnant »

« Marie-Sophie L has just published an amazing book »

« La santé dans l’assiette, le grand cru dans un livre de Marie-Sophie L paru aux éditions Albin Michel, de quoi oser l’aventure de la cRusine »

« Health on the plate, the great vintage in a book by Marie-Sophie L published by Albin Michel, enough to dare the adventure of raw cuisine »

« Osons le cru ! La cuisine crue est une mode, Marie-Sophie L la pratique en philosophe et en esthète. Voilà du pain, des lasagnes, des terrines, sans four ni casserole ! »

« Let’s dare to believe it! Raw cooking is a fashion, Marie-Sophie L practices it as a philosopher and aesthete. Here’s bread, lasagna, terrines, without oven or pan ! »

« Its recipes sublimate the plant » 

« With Marie-Sophie L, you can become a raw food lover in one click. Videos to cook raw as a chef, naturo tips and personal advices.»

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